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Good Afternoon Families,

This morning Miss Thais, Bec and Gabbi welcomed Rania, Onyx, Nayla, Abel, Aria, Dominic, Lincoln, Kezia, Ivy, Tai, Millie, Ava, Lachlan and Alanis into the yard. This morning the children participated in water play, filling and buckets of different shapes and sizes. The children also enjoyed riding their bikes and digging big holes and filling buckets with sand.

The weather then started to become quite hot so we transitioned indoors where we sat on the mat for group time.Today, group time consisted of Thais Bec and Gabi singing us our “good morning” song, “hammer” song, and “open shut them”. The children know most of the words to all three songs now and are able to join in with the actions. When a child knows the songs and actions, it helps them stay concentrated, whilst feeling a sense of achievement in themselves. Lastly, we sang “bee bee, bumble bee” for our transition  of washing hands and sitting at the table for morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Thais set up cotton tip painting for us to do at the indoor table. We practiced waiting our turn for this. Cotton tip painting is a good activity to help us extend our fine motor skills even more, as it is a smaller grip than what a paintbrush would be. It also helps us extend on our  concentration skills. Miss Bec then sat with the children who were waiting their turn, and played on the mat with them. The  children were able to play with different farm figures including, a barn, some farmers and the animals. Lachlan and Abel were even singing “Old Macdonald had a farm” whilst playing! It is great for the children to use their role play through normal everyday play.

The children then had a choice of whether they wanted to stay indoors or outdoors while Miss Bec got ready for lunchtime. Alanis, Aria, Ava and Kezia decided they wanted to stay inside while the others went out. Indoors, they helped pack away all their toys, sorting them into the correct baskets. They then developed a game of “mums and dads” between themselves, having conversations about when it was morning time, when to wake up, whilst role playing by patting eachother to sleep and calling eachother “mum, dad and sissy”. It was really great to watch!

We then all gathered and formed a circle where Gabi and Thais sang us a Brazilian song. The children were moving around in a circular motion while holding hands and doing all the actions to the songs! It is amazing that we are able to incoorporate different cultures and their songs and the children still enjoy it so much. We then transitioned back indoors for lunch which we all really enjoyed.

What a beautiful start to the week!

Love, Miss Thais, Bec and Gabi xx