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 Hello all and welcome to Friday in the Toddler Two room.

This morning Miss Steph and Miss Jess welcome our 6 jumping frogs, Willow, Kezia, Dominic, Parker, Alexia and Everly.

What a spectacular day we have all had and we can not wait until we tell you all about it!

This morning all friends had a great big play outside with all their wonderful friends. Dominic collected our equipment for our nature trays and stored it in his special basket.

Willow and Kezia enjoyed playing on the big swing swooshing through the lovely breeze while Alexia was happily playing in the sandpit alongside Parker. Everly enjoyed her cuddles and looking at the horses in the yard next to us.

When it was time to come inside we all washed our hands and joined together at the table for some scrumptious morning tea. After our tummies were all full we all cleaned our hands and face and headed off to explore throughout the room.

Kezia, Alexia, Parker and Everly and Dominic found the nature trays were fun to create patterns in the sand with the sticks and sweep the sand along with the leaves.

Parker was quite the artist. Developing what looked like fine aboriginal art.

Miss Steph grabbed the tunnel out and Dominic and Kezia had so much fun crawling through it and doing it all over again, lots of giggles were shared, Miss Jess even had a go but she found it a lot trickier to get out fast like her friends.

We had a group time with the most favourite being row row row your boat where we all partnered up to row our boats along. We also had Gallomph, wheels on the bus and The Wiggles. Then we played sleeping bunnies which Willow thoroughly enjoyed she to wanted to have a bounce on the pretend leaf tramoline along with Everlys toy bunny.

We hope you have all had a fabulous week and enjoyed your day as much as we have in Toddlers 2.

Miss Steph and Miss Jess xx