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Good afternoon families,

Happy Friday! This morning we welcomed our friends; Zahra, Onyx, Lincoln, Tai, Kezia, Lara, Parker, Aria and Rumi. We have spent the day inside together which has been lovely. We started our morning off with free play; our friends are showing a lot of interest in the babies and the dolls house.

We then sat down on the mat together and practiced meditation to calm our breathing and our bodies. Our favourite breathing method lately is holding our pretend hot chocolate, blowing on it to cool it down and then slowly drinking it – our imagination is so creative! We then turned on our listening ears and read “Rosie’s Walk” and “Noisy Farm”. For our group time today we had dancing with Miss Jenni. Our friends got to dance with the pom poms again and to help us get ready for our Christmas party we learned how to bow at the end of our dancing!

For practice today, we did a fire drill! Our friends were all so behaved and all held hands, listened and followed instructions perfectly, Kezia even helped Miss Thais call out the roll! We then came back inside for free play and then a big yummy lunch and rest.

We can’t wait see our friends again on Monday.

Much love; Miss Maddi, Thais and Bec x x x