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Today in Toddlers 2, we started our day outside chasing after bubbles and watching as they land on the astro turf without popping. Parker, Alexia and Dominic were in pure amazement and then loved to stomp them with their feet.

Parker, Kezia, Quinn and Willow had lots of fun playing with the bikes and running around our new playground exploring, as it is still very new to us. The slippery slide was also very popular until it started to slightly rain and we all went undercover to watch.


Once we came inside, we ate our delicious morning tea which was yogurt and fruit which everyone seems to love as every cup was licked clean. Afterwards we did some playtime on the mat and welcomed our new friend Rania.

We played on the mat with puzzles and blocks and then pulled out some play dough. The play dough didn’t have color yet so it was fun to get our hands dirty and mix some green through, making fun patterns and swirls and rolling balls in our hands. This was especially Everly’s favorite.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend.


Miss Steph and Miss Jade