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Happy Friday everyone!!!

Today the children engaged in free-choice play between Outdoor and Indoor environment. Zahra spent her time Outdoor riding bike, climbing and slide down on the big slide as she says. She also enjoyed looked the horses through the gate with her friends from Toddlers One and Miss Steph while Parker and Kezia decided to explore Toddlers One Room with Miss Danna investigating all the different toys in the baskets.

Today’s paper plate jellyfish craft was the brainchild of Miss Thais and Miss Gaby as we prepare to decorate our Room… We also had Luca and Chanel from Toddlers One to helped us during the activity.

I love how it all came together and from an educational perspective, our Jellyfish craft encompasses lots of fine motor work with some very valuable cutting practice and lends itself to some fabulous creative play. Next week we can decorating their paper plates, offer a little glitter to add some seaside shimmer.

Sound good?

Let’s check it out!

We’ve had a lovely day together. Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Miss Thais