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Hello and welcome to Fabulous Friday

We had a late start to our day so we decided to stay inside and have a long play instead and head outside a bit later.

We begun our day filling our bellies with delicious fruit bread spread with home made jam and cut up fruit. This prepared us to be ready and full of energy for dancing. Alexia, Parker, Rania, Conall, Kezia, Zahra and Everly showed enthusiasm participating in physical play and negotiating play spaces to ensure the safety and well being of themselves and others.

Alexia was flexing and stretching her muscles and taking care and compassion for her friends when feeling upset and overwhelmed.


Parker enjoyed a nice stretch and bop around the dance door freezing when the music stopped.

Rania –

Rania stretching her body ready to begin her dancing. 

Watching and observing the I’m so happy routine to learn the dance moves.

Conall – enjoyed given the real life task of washing his hands giving him a sense of belonging and contentedness.

He’s also pretty cute at striking a pose with Miss Jeni and doing his stretches

Kezia was thoroughly enjoying dancing to Kylie Monoque. I think its her new favourite song.

Stretching is a number one first priority.


Zahra really liked stretching her back and getting all flexible ready to move to the beat of the alphabet freeze song.


Everly was really feeling the music today and popping out of her shell.