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Hello and good evening parents and friends.

Today in our Toddlers 2 room we welcomed all of our friends Lachlan, Dominic, Everly, Quinn, Rania, Willow, Parker, Kezia,Conall and Alexia. We started our day of play and fun outside on our wonderful playground, riding bikes, blowing bubbles and digging up the sand to make castles.

After that we came inside and sang some of our favourite songs. They involved The Wheels on the Bus, Insy Winsy Spider and Old Macdonald. The children recognise these songs and they love learning and engaging with the actions. So proud to see them getting better each time!

After we had finished singing, we ate our morning tea, and Miss Steph took some of the children out to play in the yard and Miss Jade did an activity with the rest of the kids inside. We made scrambled eggs in a bowl, and each child had a turn stirring. Everly was very clever and showed her awesome skills on how she cracks an egg. She did extremely well and Miss Jade was very impressed. Everly and Quinn used their words when other kids were having their go saying “turn” and “more”, indicating when they would like another turn and to add another egg.

We enjoyed our scrumptious scrabbled eggs but it wasn’t to Kezia’s liking who said ‘no’.

Thank you to all involved and for a lovely week.

Have a happy long weekend and we look forward to seeing you all next week.

Miss Steph and Miss Jade.