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Happy Friday everyone!

We had so much fun in Toddlers today! Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Di welcome our friends Zahra, Ava, Lara, Ivy, Isla, Abel, Kezia, Parker, Onyx and Aria.

We started our morning Outdoor having morning tea as picnic style with all our friends from Toddlers One and Two. Today our friends had a free choice of what they wanted to play with. There were lots of options like; books, waterplay in the kitchen, the sandpit and drawing with crayons! Our friends love to be able to choose what to play with in the mornings.We decided to do water play where we laid out a special colour mat where we filled with water and splashed water on them.

Later in the morning, we had our group time on the mat where we read some books “Noisy Farm”, ‘Kindness” and “Feelings” and also singing some good morning songs with actions. “The wheels on the bus”, “Old Mac Donald had a Farm”, “Trinkle, Trinkle little star”.

Ava and Aria enjoyed sandpit play with Miss Thais. Onyx, Lara, Isla, Parker and Ivy had a play inside with the wooden blocks and Miss Maddi. Kezia, Abel and Zahra enjoyed the books outdoor with Miss Di.

We had our lunch today where we sat down at the table and ate yum chips, nachos an rice. They could use the spoon and help themselves.

Have a good weekend

Love Miss Thais, Miss Maddi and Miss Di