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Happy Friday♥

Greetings family and friends and welcome to our fantastic Friday in the Toddler Two room!

What an eventful day it has been and a lot of FUN MESSY PLAY!!!!! We started the morning out in our room with our friends from Toddlers Two before we transitioned to adventuring the beautiful outdoor environment this morning. Miss Jess set up the water play for all to explore and they LOVED THIS EXPERIENCE! Some children also had a whirl of the hose! Water play was a massive hit today and where they enjoyed playing the most in their outdoor journey this morning.

When it was time to come inside we all freely roamed around the room and explored different activities of their choice.

  • Building a train track with their friends and working together as a team.
  • Playing with the animals and making the sound of each animal.
  • Singing nursery rhymes and dancing to the beat.
  • Exploring home corner with their friends and role playing with the babies.

For group time today we all came together on the mat and Miss Jess read a book called “Five in the Bed” Which was a puppet book! The children responded so well to this book and were all so intrigued and engaged! They all showed great concentration skills.
We also would like to say a BIG THANKS for Nads how gave to us this beautiful puppet book! 🙂 

We then asked Spencer, and Max to show their friends their family photo before placing it on the family tree. Please don’t hesitate to email through your family photos if haven’t done so yet as we would love to complete the family tree♥ 

After morning tea we did ART!!! This was AMAZING as the children really got into it! We used animals to paint with today as an extension on their interest. They then decided to go all in and get messy, they had so much FUN! They enjoyed the feeling of the paint in their hands as they squeezed them together. Messy play is important to every child’s development. It helps the body and brain integrate information, such as that needed for later spatial concepts, math, and language. Painting with hands and fingers is also a most relaxing and creative way to express feelings.

This afternoon we headed outside for a lovely afternoon play when it cooled down.

Thank You for this lovely week.

Have a safe weekend♥

Love Miss Gabi, Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Tayla xx