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Welcome to our Friday

Hello Families and welcome to our day here in the Toddlers Two room. What a lovely day it has been to end the week on, I look forward to you reading about what they got up to here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

This morning your shinning stars started the morning off in Toddlers One exploring throughout their indoor environment, zooming around on the tiger rid on and jumping with glee on the cows. As more shinning stars started to arrive we headed into our room. The home corner was a desired destination this morning as they LOVED role playing with the food, cutting up ”apple slices” for their friends using the knife and fork. Building with the large blocks, problem solving with puzzles, racing the cars down the wooden ramps, reading the animal book selected from the book shelf and so much more were enjoyed by the children. What a fun morning it has been so far! The children then helped to tidy the room up before we sat down on the group mat for group time with Miss Jess. In group time today we read a booked called ” Googly Eyes”  The children were so intrigued by this book and the illustrations throughout.

We then did our favourite song “Bee Bee Bumble Bee” to transition to wash our hands for morning tea which was our amazing chickpea, sweet potato and tahini muffin. During our meal times, we are beginning to incorporate self-serve aspects where the children can get their food themselves. This helps build their fine motor skills and a feeling of self-choice and importance. The children are progressing with this skill and we have noticed more children eating their self-selected foods.

After morning tea, our class did free-play and painting. Miss Jade did green tone painting with Native Australian animal stencils, continuing on from our Australian Animals show earlier this week, and Miss Jess did some face painting. The children enjoy painting so much, as it’s a great outlet to get a little messy and make some beautiful art.

We had a little spare time before lunch so we swiftly packed away the room, got our shoes on our feet and hats on our head and went outside. Our friends enjoyed the bikes and the sand pit, and Miss Gabi and Miss Jade retrieved some of the balls that were stuck on the shade sail.

After our exhausting playful morning, our friends washed their hands and went and sat at the table for lunch. Todays lunch was fantastic Mexican fajitas. We implemented our self-serve system again and our friends got to select their own foods. After lunch we hoped in out beds for a relaxing sleep to rest our bodies ready for a fun filled afternoon. Hopefully the weather holds out for our afternoon play outside.

Thanks so much for the fun day friends, stay safe and have a wonderful weekend!

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Jade x