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Happy Friday everyone!

The time flies when we are all are having fun. What a great week it has been!

Today we started the morning in the yard with our friends, climbing, throwing balls, riding bikes, and completing obstacle courses. We then transitioned into our room where we had morning tea. Today was floral Friday so we did an activity where we glued different coloured paper onto our flowers and made them look really pretty 🙂 We loved this activity as we focused on the different colours and concentrated on glueing them onto the flowers.

After this activity, we played outside again joined by the other Toddler class. We drew on the chalkboards and danced around blowing bubbles before it was time for lunch. Lunch was chicken, veggies and salad. Very yummy!!

We have all had an amazing week full of fun and learning. See you all next week!

Much love Miss Thais and Miss Bec