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What a fabulous end to the very short week we have had. We welcomed Alexia back from holidays and was also blessed with the company of Willow, Kezia, Dominic and Everly. We all joined in together dancing to the wiggles which really got Everly and Alexia into the groove and swing of the day.

Willow and Dominic have been very busy with their family of babies. Putting them to sleep and preparing their delicious food for when they wake up.

Kezia was in a slight pickle with the chair blocking her way that Miss Jade was sitting on. So with the help of Miss Steph showing her a way through tunnel style she was able to achieve her goal of passing through the passage and she did so like this for a continuous number of times.

Thank you everyone who joined us and we cant wait to have the whole of the Toddler 2 family join us next week.

Miss Steph xx