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Happy Friday families and friends!

We had a beautiful morning exploring the yard. We had our friends from Toddlers One today Outdoor and everyone was super busy and happy to explore. We enjoyed a musical group time outside with Miss Thais.

Once indoors we settled on the mat for our acknowledgment to country and Group Time, where we sung our good morning songs as well as our transition songs, before washing our hands for morning tea.

 This week we have been focusing on dinosaur play due to the children’s ongoing interest with sharing stories, making dinosaur sounds and playing with dinosaur figurines… Today Kezia and Parker were excited to listen carefully to the “My Dinosaur Dad” story. A book about the feelings and characteristics of the Dinosaur… We have had some lovely conversations with our friends. They were helping Miss Thais to read the Dinosaur book and saying each dinosaur and pointing to it.  Miss Thais got our box of dinosaurs and found the dinosaurs to match the ones in the book. They were so clever matching the animals. After sharing and discussing the story Kezia and Parker were given the opportunity to transition to sensory play dough play with the dinosaur figurines.

Miss Thais also set up an sensory Play Outdoor with Dinosaurs for our friends to explore and gave them the opportunity to choose between Indoor or Outdoor play.

Before lunch time we had some puppet songs today “5 Little ducks” and a “Itsy Bitsy Spider” the Toddlers loved this time and they all singing with Miss Thais. Parker was not happy when Miss Thais finished and asked for more singing!

It’s been a fun Friday.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Love Miss Thais