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Welcome back Alexia we have missed you. We’re glad to see your happy and smiley face.

First on the agenda we welcomed and said hello to Parker, Conall, Rania, Luca, Chanel, Zahra, Kezia, Alexia and Everly in the morning for outside play. Then we begun our day a little later and started off with Miss Jeni teaching her dancing lesson. We funked and grooved and cheered along with our bom bom streamers. Then we had morning tea and began our transport day by bringing the new and old bikes inside. How time flies when your having fun.

Our friends also had a really fun time playing with streamers and puzzles on the group mat. Rania was especially good at the truck puzzle and is able to do it all by herself, also helping her friends if they are stuck. Everly, Luca and Kezia all loved the streamers. Marching up and down the room pretending to be different animals with our streamers. It was loads of fun!