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Howdy everybody! Firstly we welcomed Alexia and Quinn earlier on in the morning and then Rania and Conall arrived together. Not long after that Zahra joined us too. Then we greeted Everly, Parker and Kezia who were the last to join us for the day.  Seeing as we had all arrived we were ready to begin our day with all sitting down at the table for morning tea….

Then once we were finished that, we welcomed Miss Jenni back from the school holidays who was here for us to participate in her Funky Feet fitness and dancing class. Everyone joined in, even all the children from our friends next door in the other toddlers class. Parker and Conall especially enjoyed this activity as they were running, jumping and dancing all over the mat. Quinn, Everly and Kezia were wonderful at recognising their nursery rhymes and getting her friends to join in the actions to songs like Row Your Boat and Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes. We all had a blast after taking a little while to warm up…


After our dancing class we came over to the tables to do some puzzles and play with our small house toy sets while Miss Steph and Miss Jade set up our creative table activities. Rania and Zahra loved to piece together all the puzzles while Connal enjoyed placing the shapes in the wooden pegs activity. Every time her placed a shape he would say “Pop!” as the shape dropped.

The creative table activities included sensory play in rolled oats and spraying coloured vinegar onto baking soda. All the children loved getting their fingers in between the oats and spraying the vinegar to watch the baking soda bubble green!

After our inside play, the weather became dry enough outside to do some outside play before lunch. Climbing up the ladder and going along the net tunnel to ride down the slippery slide was by far Alexias favourite thing to do today.

Looking forward to the cosy nights at home for the weekend.

Love Miss Steph and Miss Jade xx