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Hello Families and Friends !!! 🙂

Happy Friday and a warm welcome from Toddlers Two! 🙂

What wonderful playful day we are having around here today! With the sun up and shinning we started our day having so much fun in the playground area.
Our friends enjoyed exploring around and get engage in vary fun experiences. Outside play experiences today included:

♣ See Saw with our friends from Toddlers One. We just could listen to the kids saying “seeeee- saaaaw”,
♣ Drawing dinosaurs, sharks, fish, flower using chalk in a black paper,
Running over the little bridge and climbing in the net part of the tree house.
♣ Pretending they were driving a little car, the favorite destination was “going to the beach”.

We have had a wonderful week exploring our outdoor environment.

Before morning tea we resolved to come inside the classroom to explore a different scenario. Miss Gabi asked to our toddlers friends set down in the mat for our group time. After we said Good Morning to our friends was time for our story book, today Miss Gabi read “the zoo” – that one of our friends asked her to read. Then everybody sat down on the mat and listened very carefully to the story and guessed what was behind the flaps in the book. Our friends really enjoyed this book! ♥ Then it was time for we continues our morning routine sing “bee bee bumble bee” and transition to morning tea.

With our tummies full we continue our adventure inside our beautiful classroom, building with soft blocks, magnetics shapes and home corner were the favourite pastime for our little friends!
We also had Miss Jenny from Feet Dance vising us this morning. Today in our dance class, Miss Jenny brought to us special choreography for “raw raw our boat” and “wheels on the bus” and then they had they “solo” moment to jump on hop Scott. They loved it! ♥

Please, check out when you`ll came pick your child up! ♥

Was a fabulous learning and playful week at the toddlers’ classroom.
This afternoon we are planning to have a relaxing and enjoyable play outside in the playground with our friends from Toddlers 2.


Check out the photos!

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope.