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Happy Monday♥

Welcome back families from the weekend and happy Monday! What a beautiful journey it has been today♥

This Morning we started outside with our friends from Toddler 1 adventuring throughout the playground, riding on the bikes, swinging through the fresh morning breeze on the swing, throwing and catching the football as they used great hand and eye coordination skills! We then came together on the grass outside our classroom where we got our shoes and hats on as we were going to walk down the bottom to Kindergarten 1 room. We then met with Kristy talk to us about an Aboriginal Culture Story Origins The Rainbow Serpent. The children all sat so nicely on the carpet and listened to the music and different animals sounds that they could hear! Kristy then bought out the rainbow serpent and explained what it did. Throughout this story we danced, tapped tapping sticks, sung and got involved in helping to stick animals on the backdrop display. It was amazing to see all children so engaged in this wonderful experience. Afterwards we headed back up to our classroom to wash our hands ready for morning tea.

When children had finished eating they all helped to pack away before roaming freely around the classroom and seeking excitement as they spontaneously select their own activities while listening to indigenous music extending from this morning with Kristy. To further extend the children were able to participate in dot painting down at the double slide playground in the shade. They thoroughly enjoyed this art activity and a lovely play in a new environment. Miss Hayley then arrived for relaxing yoga! Today in yoga Miss Hayley did some lovely breathing with the children as well sleeping bunnies and doing animal poses.

It was then time to head back up to our classroom as we got ready for our scrumptious lunch before our energising sleep for this afternoons whirl of fun♥

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Crystal xx