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Happy Monday Families and Friends ♥

A warm welcome from toddlers two classroom!

What a beautiful learning and playful morning we had around here today. We began our morning appreciating the warm weather in the yard with our friends from toddlers One.  As all children were happily playing the horses from next door decided to come and say hello!! – our friends got so excited as they said: “horses, horses” with such joy in their voices. We picked some grass and Miss Gabi fed our beautiful company some delicious food.

After our big WOW moment our friends continued to explore throughout the yard. Some of our favourite experiences were:

  • Water play!! After watching Miss Jess fill the bucket up from the tap and pour it into the tray where the dinosaurs were. Our friends soon followed and began to pour it into the tray, giving the dinosaurs a bath and drink of water. For further extension on their great interest the bark was then added as it was the dinosaur’s food. The imagination kept flowing freely and it was amazing to see how much fun they were having and how engaged they were.
  • The children also enjoyed playing in the sandpit, riding bikes, and climbing the obstacles.

Time flies when we are having fun with friends as it was time to start our morning routine – Nappy Change/ washing hands Group time and getting ready for morning tea.

In our Group time experience today Miss Jess read a book “Surprise on the farm”, extending our friends interest for animals. Everybody sat down on the mat and carefully listened to the story, each child had the chance to interact with the book by pressing the bottom to make the animal noise. They loved it! After our story time we sang our names with “bee bee bumble bee” before getting ready for morning tea. All children are becoming more confident to knowing and saying their names and some with help.

In our group experience today, our friends practiced their hand muscles and fine motor skills. Using metallic pastels crayons to colour in our seashells which will be used to decorate their hat pockets. ♥

After our friends had finished their seashell they roamed around the room and chose different activities to do.

  • Building a train set with Miss Jess! This was so much fun as we worked together to build the train set while singing the sound of a train!
  • Building blocks, counting how many we can stack!
  • Sat together and looked outside through the window to see what we could see! We spotted Mr Pete blowing all the leaves away, Miss Kylie playing peek-a-boo. Birds flying past and a green butterfly!!

This afternoon we all feel rather energised after our midday snooze! All children were eager to head outside for an afternoon filled of laughter and joy.

Thank you for today♥

See you all soon!

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess, Miss Hope xx