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Happy Monday ♥

Warm welcome families of the Toddler Two room and welcome to our glorious day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre. What beautiful weather mother nature has provided us with today as we got to spend more time enjoying the outdoor environment this morning. Read further to see what your cherubs got up to today♥

As all children were arriving they all journeyed outside to start their exploration! The children enjoyed playing, engaging, enhancing on friendships and role playing in a variety of activities such as:

  • Making sandcastles with the buckets, digging holes with the spades
  • Driving the ‘bus’ to the beach!!
  • Using their great balancing skills as they climb up the beams to then jumping off onto the mats!
  • Seeking at the fence for the beautiful horses!
  • Zooming fast around the bike track
  • Playing with the dinosaurs on the grass and roaring mighty loud as they played happily with one an other!

The time went so fast as it was time to come inside to start our group time. This Morning Miss Jess read a book called ”Dig, Dump, Roll” to follow on transportations! The children were ALL engaged in this book and listened so well! We then sang ”bee, bee, bumble bee” to wash our hands for morning tea! When all friends had finished they helped to pack away before they roamed off around the room. The children travelled around the room to seek what they were interested in doing! The following were some favourite spontaneous activities chosen.

  • Building train tracks with Miss Connie
  • Role playing with the dolls house (small people and furniture)
  • Looking through Thomas’s photo album of his birthday celebrations!!!! He was so stocked to show and tell about his birthday fun!

To extend on transportation activities Miss Hope had set up two outside! So we all helped tidy the room, grabbed our hats and applied sunscreen before heading outside to scout what was set up!! As we went outside we all sat down around the container with three bowls in it. One bowl had green inside, the second bowl had orange and the third bowl had red. This resembled traffic lights! Miss Hope then poured the vinegar into each bowl and they watched it bubbled up! As they watched this awesome traffic light experiment Miss Hope asked the children ”What colours they could see?” and asked if they knew what each colour meant. Next the children took it in turns to use the trains to paint with! They used the same colours as the traffic lights! They really enjoyed painting with the trains. Throughout this activity Miss Hope asked each child ”What colours could they see?”

Afterwards they happily explored the outdoor environment with all their friends before it was time to come inside for lunch and well rested sleep to reenergise for this afternoons whirl of fun♥

Thank you all for this lovely day♥