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Happy Monday families and friends,

Today we welcome our friends in the Yard. We were engaging in the sandpit with Miss Bec and the children also showed a good interest in throwing balls. This week we are celebrating our “Book Week”, so you are welcome to bring your favourite Book from home to share with our friends and teachers. You can also wear your favourite custome in Kindy this week.

The book that we chose this week was the classic “The very hungry caterpillar”. It’s a funny story about the caterpillar that ate so many different fruits and was very hungry. It’s a good book for us to practice our knowledge about fruit names and count the numbers. Today all the children sat down on the stage outdoor where we had our “Good morning” song and then Miss Thais read to us “The very hungry caterpillar book.” To extend on this activity Miss Bec asked one by one to go inside and explore the very hungry caterpillar box that Miss Thais had set up for us with some fruits. The children loved to explore the box and feed the caterpillar with the fruits while they were named all the fruits. Miss Bec also asked them to find the fruits that she named. The children were very excited during the activity, they definitely loved it!

Later in the morning we had our Yoga class. After yoga we transitioned outdoor where we danced to wiggles and released some energy before lunch and sleep.

Have a good week everyone!

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi