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Happy Monday everyone!!! we hope you all had a wonderful weekend, today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph would like to welcome Quinn and her family back from their holiday, our new friend Zahra and her family into the toddlers two room and to the centre as well as our friends Lachlan, Henry, Alexia, Luca, Alanis, Grace and Everly.

We started our morning playing outside with our toddler one friends where there was lots of fun climbing up the ramp which then lead them to the climbing net which Quinn, Alexia and Alanis did a great job at climbing along until they go to the end. Bikes were also enjoyed as many of the children were busy riding them around the sandpit area and Zahra was busy sitting with Miss Shelby and Alexia in the sandpit exploring the different sandpit toys.

Today we used the nature materials the children helped collect from around the yard with Miss Steph on Friday to do Nature collage, Quinn, Grace, Lachlan and Alexia choose to have a turn of the art activity with them using craft glue to decorate a piece of green paper and then decorated the glue on the paper with nature materials.

Miss Shelby brought in a huge black and white teddy bear for our room which Luca and Alanis showed interest in and also a bag of Sylvanian family toys which the children sat down to explore the different pieces.

Miss Thais came in for a play with us this morning where she sang Simon says…. Lachlan responded by touching his head and we also sang row, row, row your both with Luca holding Miss Thais hands as we sang and did the actions to the song.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph