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Hello Hello Families and Friends

Happy Monday and a warm welcome from toddlers Two 😊

What a wonderful playful and learning day we`ve have around here today. Our day began with our friends welcoming their classmates in the playground area with BIG SMILE ONE and a lot of CUDDLES, they were so excited exploring the environment around and playing with the other kids. The favourite spot this morning was the sandpit where they sharing sand toys and tools the children enjoyed making cup cake with the sand, digging a hole, and filled up truck and transporting it around the yard.

The time goes so fast when we are having a great fun with our friends then when we realized was time to start our morning routine.
In our group time today, Miss Gabi asked the children what story they would like to hear then Indi stand up and picked the book called “Somewhere in Australia” – the book talks about different landscapes and animal around Australia land. The children were very engaging in the story, as long as Miss Gabi was reading the book she was counting the animals showing on the pages. The children are loving learning how to count and they did an excellent job repeating the numbers. Once we finished the book, we sang our transition song and then smooth went to the toilet or handwashing then set down on the table for morning tea.

For morning tea today we had a delicious and nutritive Blueberry quinoa Breakfast bar served with a medley of seasonal fresh fruits.

With our tummy full was time for another BIG PLAY. Searching for their self-interest toys and games Mathias, Cameron, Charlie, Kynell and Thomas enjoyed spending time building the train tracks and connected it to the car site with Miss Gabi.
Peyton, Mia, Mathias, Thomas, and Charlie enjoyed reading more story book with Miss Jess in the group mat.
Noah, Kynell, Indi, Mia and Peyton enjoyed pretending they`re cooking in home corner with Miss Hope.

In our group experience today, we made Cup Cakes to help support raising founds for RSPCA and the 124.000 animal that look to the RSPA each year for help. We organize the material needed for the cooking activity such as bowl, cupcake tray, and a big spoon. The children were able to use their fine motor skills while mixing the cupcakes ingredients together using the utensils, everybody has done an amazing job waiting for their turn of mixing the ingredients together.

Once we finished putting the dough in the tray and pop it on the oven, was time for or yoga class, today Miss Hayle, today she did some relaxing session with the children when they needed to lay down in the floor and she putted a crystal in their head. After that was time for big stretching their little bodies with a nice music on and practicing some yoga pose. They really enjoy yoga class! 😊

For lunch time today we had a yummy a amazing vegin baked Mac and Cheese pasta with a delicious self-served salad bar. The toddler’s kids still doing self serves in our mealtime, and they are doing a excellent job!!!! 😊

Now, they are on their bed listening to soft music and relaxing their little bodies and minds for another BIG PLAY in the playground this afternoon.

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope