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Good afternoon families

Welcome to Toddlers two Room! We are going to celebrate our Book Week this week with a lot of surprises for our friends. Today Aria was dressed as Paw Patrol and she also brought a book to share with us “Do you believe in Groovicorns?”. Miss Thais, Miss Maddi, and Miss Bec welcomed our friends in the Yard today reading differents books, “I love my mummy”, “Noisy Farm” and “Thoma feelings”.

Today the children could be free and self-selected the activities from their interest. Miss Thais also got some different puzzles to share. Aria was very engaged during lego play. Dominic, Lachlan, Willow and Millie were taking turns during the Puzzle game. Alanis and Lincoln were very engaged in building a house with the magneticsb9locks with Miss ShanayAlanis asked for a puppy book and then Miss Thais went to the room with her to get more different books to share with our friends. The children are really engaged in reading books at the moment. They are loving enjoying each other’s company during reading time.We sang our Good morning song “Hello how are you” and greeted each other this morning. a. Willow and Abel were enjoying sharing turns with lego trains*. Onyx, Dominic, Millie and Aria enjoyed some blocks with a mirror with Miss Bec. Tairongo, Ava, Nayla, Rania, Kezia were very engaged during sensory playdough with Miss Maddi.

We also had Yoga today and our friends were very excited to practice the poses and listened to the yoga teacher.

We went for an outside play later in the morning and spent some time pushing wheelbarrows and pretend to cook in the sandpit. Before we transitioned inside we sang our Good morning song again because Alanis asked for it and we also learned a new song with actions called “hammer, hammer, hammer, roll, roll, roll, clap, clap, clap and tap, tap, tap” and our friends did so well.

We had our delicious nachos today and our friends ate very well sitting for longer at the table.

Now we are resting for more outdoor play this afternoon.

Stay tuned for our Halloweeen!

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi