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Happy Monday everyone!!! we hope you all had a wonderful weekend, wow only 2 days left of Kindy for 2019. Just a reminder that the Centre closes at 2pm tomorrow, if you are bringing your child in tomorrow for a few hours please we are asking if you could pick them up by 11.30am before sleep time so the children’s rest time is respected.

Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Kezia, Luca, Lachlan H, Grace, Hendrix, Alexia and Ivy today.  we started our day joining Miss Shelby and Miss Thais for songs where we sang a few of our favorite songs that we have loved singing this year – wheels on the bus as Ivy did the actions like she was driving and said  to Miss Shelby ” bus”, baa baa black sheep as Lachlan H said ” baa baa” ,open shut them and twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Miss Shelby set up some red play dough with the Christmas cutters and rolling pins for the children to create Christmas shapes out of the cutters. Miss Thais sat with the children to do Christmas light finger painting where the children were to use their fingers to pressed down on the Christmas light to create their finger print. During this art Craft they used red, yellow, green and purple paint to crate the coloured lights on the paper, Hendrix showed really good understanding of how to create the lights using his finger prints.

Other interest of the children were:

Luca- cars

Kezia- playing with the baby dolls, pretending to put them to sleep

Ivy- while sitting on the block box, she told Miss Shelby she was going to the toilet

Many of the children were interested in playing with the new wooden dolls house so Miss Shelby brought out some wooden people dolls for them to play with in the house.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais