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Good Afternoon Families,

This morning Miss Thais, Miss Bec, and Miss Maddy welcomed our friends into the yard, where they played outside, riding bicycles, climbing on the net bridge, and sliding down the slide. The obstacle course and the outdoor kitchen area were also an interest this morning. Working on our physical and hand-eye coordination skills, Miss Bec encouraged the children to pass the ball back and forward. The children are becoming so much stronger and coordinated in regards to this activity.

We then transitioned inside where we washed our hands and sat down for morning tea. Morning tea was fruit and yoghurt. We then sat down for group time. This week is Book Week and our focus is going to be “Bears”. So today we read, “We are going on a bear hunt” and “Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What can you see”. Each day we will be focusing on a different bear activity/book.

The yoga teacher then came into our room where we stretched and relaxed our bodies, breathing in and out slowly. After this, we then transitioned back outside for another play with our friends. We sang some songs and before we knew it, we then came inside for lunch and rest time.

Have a good day,

Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddy <3

PS: Not many photos today, sorry! Was enjoying time with the children