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Happy Monday everyone!

We started our day with some free-play outside where we practised our fine and gross motor skills as rode our bikes, climbed obstacle course and navigated our way around our playground…The children love to explore and be free with their friends!

We then transitioned indoors for our  Morning songs. We sang “Twinkle, twinkle, little stars” and the children loved to do the actions. We then engaged in some group time with Miss Thais. Today, we read a book called “Humpty Dumpty sat on the Wall”.

This week we are going to expand on the idea of space by talking about the sun, moon, and planets. Today Miss Thais talked to the children about the space rocket and stars. We did an Art & Craft activity. The children displayed very good fine-motor and concentration skills as they carefully spread glue and glitter all over their paper and glued some cotton balls and shining stars.

Today we enjoyed spontaneous activities, chosen by the children- Lego construction,Puzzles and car mat.

We had nachos for lunch! The children showed how good they are washing their hands before lunch. Dominic helped his friends with their drink bottles  during lunch time. They all ate pretty well and now they are resting their bodies for more play during this afternoon.

Love Miss Thais