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Good afternoon families,

We started our rainy morning exploring the Room. We sang some morning songs and danced some Christmas songs to warm up our bodies. We decided to play with baby dolls because the children had shown a lot of interest in it. We also chose cars and trucks to play with. Lego blocks was another choice by the children.

We have been practicing our Christmas songs with actions, so today the children can show the parents what they learned at Kindy.

We had a table activity this morning with colouring on the Christmas paper and some children also helped Miss Thais to finish our Christmas cards.

Later in the morning, we had yoga and the children are showing a lot of interest in our Yoga class.

Now we are resting and can’t wait to see you this afternoon at 4:30 pm!

Bring your camera for photos if you wish photos with Santa!!! =)

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi