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Happy Monday everyone!

This morning after our morning songs we decided ventured outdoors. Today the children kept busy climbing through the obstacle course, taking turns on the slide and pushing each other on the swing. We also play with some wooden pieces on the mat that Miss Steph set up for us.

This week we are going to be learning all about the creatures of the sea as we share more books, sing songs, engage in art experiences and play games.

For our Group time story today we chose the Book “Commotion in the Ocean” which we all listened to as Miss Thais read it to us as we sat on the mat and pointed the animals and identifying their names. The children said “Octopus, fish, whale and shark”

After the Group time Miss Thais set up the Magnetic Fishing Game where each children had the chance to play. The Magnetic Fishing Game has so many developmental benefits, allowing children to build skills and abilities including hand/eye coordination, patience and persistence, motor control, strength and dexterity, and so much more! The Magnetic Fishing Game is also a fun and creative way to stimulate and develop children’s senses. With so many sea creatures to fish with, this game is a great way to learn about the animals that live in and around the sea.

“Which one is your favourite?” Miss Thais asked them.

We also play with some wooden little toys that Miss Thais set up for us and did some drawing with metallic crayons.

Love Miss Thais