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Families of the Toddler Two room.

A super welcome from Toddlers Two classroom!! Today we welcomed in our crew: Avery, Adem, Jackson, Cameron, Edward, Noah, Leiana, Kynell,, Peyton, Max, Spencer and Noa.

What a beautiful learning and playful day we are having around here today. Our morning began with our friend inside the room keeping their self warm and comfy, everybody was so excited to explore the room and engage in a variety of fun play experiences  – Noah, Cameron and Edward had great fun building towers with Miss Lais and after pushing it down before they laughed and said” OHHH NOOO” – Jackson, Noah and Leiana enjoyed relaxing in the group mat reading a book with Miss Hope, and Adem and Avery were very engaged and enjoyed this. Our friends also liked racing the cars with Miss Jess. ♥ Melting my heart to see the beautiful connection the children are building with their educators. ♥
Once the sun was warm enough we decided to put our hats and sunscreen on and continue our adventure in the yard.
The most favourite activity in the playground was the balance bikes – Our friends are having so much fun on the little push bikes and each day we are able to see their increasing coordination using it -they enjoyed pushing it up the little hill in the path way then let it go down hill taking their feet from the floor, they also engage in swinging om the swing, transporting sand from the sandpit with the big trucks and taking turns on the slide. The children also got to participate in another craft activity! To continue on today with world ocean day the children were able to either glue and apply glitter to their starfish or stamp their starfish on the bubble wrap to make a nice pattern once lifted off. They are loving the outdoor art times.

It was then time to come inside and get ready for scrumptious lunch and restful sleep for this afternoons whirl of fun♥

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx