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Good afternoon,

Today in the toddler two room, the children Noah, Everlea, Willow, Luca, Dominic, Parker, Alanis and Everyly enjoyed story time, whilst learning and incorporating their own imagination towards the Dear Zoo Book Dominic, Luca and Everly pointed out and spoke about their ideas on the story and what took place.

Miss Steph showed Noah the caterpillar she spotted. He was very intrigued showing interest in pointing to it and pointing it out to Everlea as she went past. This did not phase her she still continued on her path to the slippery slide where she went down many times. Noah was using the wheelbarrow to transfer some bark for us to help make our gardens beautiful.


Mr Daniel joined us for Arakan today. This is something that Luca, Dominic and Alanis gained from very much. I highly recommend considering taking up Arakan as an outside extra curricular activity for your child.

We also came together to play with the jack in the box in a small group to help reinforce the sharing is caring motto. From counting to sharing the toy, listening to one and other and taking turns at putting the flaps back down.

Today Everly, Parker and Willow used their creative skills in arts and craft, and let their imagination run wild. We painted on curpboard boxes using the color red today to represent a fire truck.


Thanks for another wonderful Thursday

Miss Steph and Miss Lilly xx