Good afternoon families,

We have had another great and busy day, spending most of the day outdoors again today.

We started the day outdoors with all of our friends, which lead to a group time of singing the good morning song on top of the playground. It is good to mix up our settings some times! After a while, we all started to get hungry so we came inside, washed our hands, and sat down for morning tea.

Once we had finished eating, Miss Thais encouraged us to use our self-help skills where we emptied our leftovers into the bin and then put our dirty plate into the “dirty dishes container”. We are doing really well at improving these self-help skills! Our aim is to work on a new skill each week, and see how we go 🙂

After morning tea, we went back outside to play. This time, Miss Bec helped us complete the obstacle course again. This was just too much fun yesterday that we wanted to do it again. We also love throwing the balls around and chasing them, it is so much fun. As we were playing outside, Miss Thais took us inside one by one, so we could complete an activity for Red Nose day. This was where we stuck our face and nose on the piece of paper. Most of us found this so funny! Thank you to those that wore red today 🙂

We have now finished lunch and asleep resting our bodies.

LOTS of photos today!! Enjoy your long weekend, and we will see you next week 🙂

Much love, Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Hope xx