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Cheerful Thursday♥

Hello and welcome families to our day here in the Toddler Two room.

We began our day welcoming our friends – Edward, Peyton, Kynell, Cameron, Leiana, Jackson C, Mia, Noa, Max, Adem and Noah in toddlers classroom with a BIG smile and a lots of cuddles.

The toddlers friends were so excited to explore the environment this morning. We began our morning with a variety of learning experience and games – Freely looking for their self interest toys- construction area, using the soft blocks to build the biggest tower, imaginative play with the animal puppets – making the animals sounds and movements were the most popular experiences around the classroom.

Happily the children helped packed away the toys and it was a smooth transition for our group time. Today Miss Gabi asked our friends what story book they would like to listen to? –  On the book shelf with all books displayed the children were very enthusiastic with this opportunity as everybody stood up and walked to the book and pointed to the one that got their attention the most and some of the choices were:

♣ Adem picked the book that calls “I love you when…”
♣ Max`s choice was ” Lest we forget”
♣  Avery`s picked ” Spot goes to the far”
♣ Cameron`s choice was 10 little dinosaur
♣ Edward got the “Hide and Seek under the sea”
♣ Noah`s choice was “1,2,3 .”
♣ Peyton`s picked ” I should brush my teeth”
♣ Leiana`s choice was
♣ Noa`s picked ” bluey” book
♣ Leiana picked “Don`t feed the animal”

Then Miss Gabi tried to read as many books as she could, our friends had such a valuable participation in this group time demonstrating their needs and voices. When Miss Gabi was reading the books there was another small group of children sharing their story book, showing their friends what book they choose and also intending they were reading ♥ It’s amazing to see how much the imaginative play has been increasing in our play time in the last past weeks. ♥ Also, how our friends have been enjoying each others company in group play time! ♥ Melting my heart this amazing gentle behaviour we are seeing around here ♥

We then slowly started our transition for our morning tea – singing our washing hands song ” bee bee bumble bee” – the toddlers friends patiently wait for their turn singing their names then going to the toilet washing hands, grab their water bottle and sitting down at the table waiting for their morning tea.
For morning tea today we had another delicious and nutritive meal it was Scrummy Scrambled Easy eggs and homemade Beans.  Afterwards they packed away and headed to explore the room.

To extend on from world turtle day yesterday the children were able to make their own turtles using green playdough and green pipe cleaners. Avery was very interested in this activity. Avery took her time rolling the playdough before carefully sticking in the green pipe cleaners as the legs. Max spent a lot of time on sticking his pipe cleaners on his turtle, when he was finished he proudly showed off his creation. Jackson didn’t make a turtle however he was very focused on using the knife to cut the playdough. This was very good for his fine motor development, Jackson used his right hand and had great strength.

Meanwhile Adem, Leiana and Noa were dancing away to the music Miss Shae put on, in extension to this Miss Shae then grabbed down the musical instruments for all to enjoy and explore sound. As the weather was looking rather inviting the children were eager to take venture to the double slide playground and have a whirl of fun kicking and throwing the ball, sliding down the slide with glee and balancing on the beams.

It was then time to join together inside and get ready for our lunch! For lunch today it was Rainbow Roast Veggie Buddha Bowl! Afterwards they packed away for a restful and energised sleep for this afternoons journey.

Thank you all for today and see you all soon♥

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx