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Good Afternoon families,

Well we have had an amazing day outdoors at kindy today 🙂

We started the morning welcoming each of our friends as they entered, whilst riding our bikes, digging holes in the sandpit and dancing to the Wiggles. Each of our friends explored their own interests in the yard. Our horsey friend saw that we had carrots and just had to come say hi! Miss Bec held us up to the horse so that we could gently pat him and our faces lit up so much! Before we knew it, our morning was over and we sat down for a morning tea picnic which was blueberry muffins and fruit. YUM!

The weather was so hot today so Miss Maddi came up with the idea of water play. We stripped down to our nappy and shirts and ran around while Miss Bec and Maddi sprayed us with the hose. There was lots and lots of water in buckets that we could play in with our sea animals. We had so so so much fun running through the hose, we could not stop screaming in laughter.

It was then time for the fun to be over 🙁 and go inside for lunch and a rest.

We have had so much fun today!

Much love, Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi x