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Happy Thursday everyone!!!

This Morning Miss Shelby was welcomed by Conall saying ”Hi Shelby” and giving her a big cuddle when she came outside, while our other friends were happily playing around the yard. We then came inside to wash our hands for morning tea and sat down together with Miss Shelby and Miss Steph, while eating their yummy fruit and cake the children were engaging with Miss Shelby and Miss Steph to ask for more food saying ”more and ”please”

Today Miss Shelby taught the children a song about manners, teaching them to say please when they want something and thank-you when they are given something with Conall saying please and Noah saying thank you back to Miss Shelby. Miss Shelby also brought in a book to share with us ” Where is Hairy MaClary? Dominic, Noah and Conall joined in looking at the book with Miss Shelby, while looking at the pictures in the book Conall was helping to pull the flap open to see what animal was hiding behind, Dominic recognised and name what he could see pointing to the sun and saying ”sun” and Noah pointed to the strawberry saying ”strawberry” Miss Shelby also asked the children what song they would like to sing and Noah responded by saying twinkle ”star” so Miss Shelby started singing the song and Parker, Noah and Conall used their hands to show a diamond in the sky and Dominic was doing the actions to open shit them,

We then adventured back outside but first we needed our hats on so while waiting for their hat Everly said ” hat please” outside Miss Shelby set up some bubble play in a large container of water with detergent to the bubbles and also added some animal figurines into the water. Noah thought it would be a great idea to add the plastic cups he brought outside with him which he then used to fill the cups up with the bubbles. Everly, Dominic, Parker and Conall also joined in with the bubble play. While playing with the bubbles it was so lovely hearing the children engaging in conversation with each other with Everly and Conall sharing the bubbles together with Everly saying ” please and more” to Conall when she wanted more bubbles and Conall saying ” pop” when he blew into the bubbles. Noah was recognising and naming some of the animals he could find in the water saying Giraffe, Elephant and Tiger.

Everlea loves being outside especially climbing up the ramp and through the netting until she reaches the end, she was a little  unsure of going down the big slide but with some encouragement from Miss Shelby she went down my herself.