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Happy Thursday Families and Friends 🙂
A warm welcome from the toddler’s classroom !!!

Another beautiful and playful morning around here – Today we began our morning outside in the playground area with our friends from Toddlers 1. The popular activities around the yard were climbing and jump over the obstacle course, playing with balls, riding bike around, taking turn in the swing and of course enjoying each other company. 😊 What a fun start of the day!

The time flies when we are having fun with our friends and then it was time to start our morning routine. Before, wash our hands we had our group time. 😊 Today, in our story time Miss Gabi read a book that calls “Dragon`s easter hunt – Our little friends have been loving the story and helping the Dragon setting up an Easter egg hunt for his magical friends. The children listened very carefully to the story and guessed what was behind the flaps in the book.
Then it was time to sing our transition song and get already for our special Morning tea. – For our morning tea today, we had a very yummy Hot cross buns – our friends loved it and as soon as the bowls get empty, we just heart “more – more”.

With our tummies full was time to explore our environment inside the classroom. The children engage in a variety of experiences as building with blocks, car site, home corner, dolls house, read book and much more.
The children were also given the opportunity to express their creativity, in our group learning opportunity today Miss Hope organized an amazing Easter Experience for our friends using Bi carb soda mixed in with food coloring and water to create a paste in a variety of different colors. Then she made a easter egg and easter bunny using the mixture on two big separate trays. Once everything was prepared, we all sat around the table to watch the amazing experiment. Miss Hope and Miss Gabi then brought out a cup of vinegar and two squeeze tubes and a spray bottle, we then showed the children how to use each tool onto the art. Once the vinegar hit the bi carb soda mixture it started to bubble up. They absolutely loved it. Extending the experience, we invited the children to place a paper on top the mix to make their own picture with multi colors.

Was a beautiful learning and playful morning at the toddlers’ classroom. This afternoon we are planning to have a relaxing and enjoyable play outside in the playground with our friends from Toddlers 1.

We wish our families a happy and safe Easter! 😊

check out the photos!

With Love,

Miss Gabi and Miss Hope