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What a fabulous day we`ve had around here today! Our morning began with a lot of cuddles and smiles as we welcomed our friends into that classroom, everyone one were so happy and enthusiastic to explore our room. The HOME CORNER was the favourite spot this morning and our friends choice to have play time together as they shared the kitchen utensils, helped each other to cut fruits on the little chopping board and pretending they were drinking tea in the little wood mugs. All our toddler two friends had so much fun interacting with one another and letting the minds run freely when it came to their imagination, it was wonderful to see our friends enjoying each other company 😊 ♥

Time passes by so fast when we are having fun! it was then time to pack away the classroom and get ready for group time.
In our group time today we decided to make some noise using music instruments and our voices to sing and dance to our favourite nursey rhymes, we sung songs like “Wheels on the bus”, ” rain rain go way ” and  ” ba ba black sheep”. The children were so thrilled to have chosen their own musical instrument, the bell was the all time favourite foe everyone!  After all that fun we then moved on to a smooth transition to wash their hands and sit down for morning tea!

» For morning tea today we had a delicious creamy pear quinoa porridge served with fresh fruits. «

After morning tea time we continued exploring through out the room for new and exciting things to do and play with. In our play this morning we decided to follow the children interest as they like climbing under the table as if it was a “club house”, so we gathered some large sheets and made our own bigger version with the children, we then turned the entire space into our very own camping ground with camping gear and fire made out of small wooded planks, orange and yellow shredded paper and a large red bowl.

The children also enjoyed exploring and engaging with: sensory play with the playdough, wood blocks and cars, puzzles, reading books and much much more! 😊

For lunch time today we had another delicious and nutritive meal – Roast vegie, avocado and pesto grills served with a delicious self select salad bar.

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play  in the afternoon!

With Love,
Miss Gabi and Mis Hope