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Hello Parents and Families
Happy Thursday ♥

Today we welcome in toddlers two classroom: Jackson C, Spencer, Noah, Edward, Kynell, Leiana, Noa, Max.

The toddlers were so excited to play and explore all the environment today!  Our day began with our friends having so much fun in the yard. Bowl game was the favourite activity  this morning and our friends choice for a playtime together – they sharing the bowls, throw and catch to each other,  helping each other hold the bowls, rolling it around the playground and much more – Was amazing saw our friends enjoying each other company 🙂
Also at this morning the horses from next door decided to come and say hello!! – our friends got so excited as they said: “horses, horses” and piking some grass of the ground to try to feed the animals!
The time goes so fast when we are having fun – Then was time for started our morning routine – Nappy change/ toilet time / washings hands and morning tea.
Since today until next Monday our group time and learning experience will be based on celebrating Australia day 🙂 This morning for group time  Miss Gabi read a book called ” Koala how could” – Then everybody sat down on the mat and listened very carefully to the story about the Koala`s exploring different scenarios around Australia outback.
The children were also given the opportunity to express their creativity extending the children interest for animal in our group learning experience today we decide to make our own Koalas – Using recycle news paper, glue and colourful paper our friends were invited to do a collage. Collaging is a great activity for early learners to have experience in, as it encourages them to think and using or fine motor skills for sticky the parts together.

In this morning our friends also had the opportunity to engage in: Building with blocks, dolls house, read books, puppets, home corner, music and dance and much more.

Now our little friends are resting in their bed – listening to quiet songs and relaxing for one more adventure this afternoon!!!
Check out the photos!!
With Love

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Jess