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Good afternoon,

This morning Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Dakota welcomed Millie, Abel, Alanis, Willow, Tua, Rania, Nikora, Kezia, Lachlan, Onyx and Nayla into the yard. The children had a suprise this morning when they realised Miss Thais, Maddi and Bec were wearing something a little different than usual 😉 THEY WERE FARMERS!

To continue on the book week theme, today we decided to make all of our activities animal themed and link them to the book “Old McDonald had a farm”, hence the educators dress up. After morning tea, we sat down for group time where we sang the song ‘old mcdonald’, ‘hammer hammer hammer’, ‘twinkle twinkle’, the alphabet song and ‘the wheels on the bus’ We then read the book Noisy farm, and ‘What’s on my farm’.

Miss Bec and Miss Thais then had two activites set up for us. Outdoors, Miss Bec set up a farm display for the children where they were able to use different animals and move them around the farm, in and out of fences while making different noises. We are especially getting really good at knowing the cow, horse, sheep, pig and elephant noises. Indoors, Miss Thais had animal themed puzzles, books, a farm toy set that included a barn, animals and little farmer figures. The children seem to really enjoy the animal themed activities and pretending to be particular animals.

We then came and sat down outdoors where Miss Bec sang us ‘Bee bee bumble bee’ to transition us inside for lunch.

We have had such a great day today and the children really enjoyed having their educators dressed up in something different. Feel free to come as your favoruite book character tomorrow 🙂

Stay tuned for the educators outfit tomorrow  😉

Reminder: Friday is Loud shirt day so wear your brightest and most bold colours!