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Today we welcome our friends Alanis, Luca, Quinn, Dominic, Charlotte, Hendrix, Ivy and Latika with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

During morning tea Miss Shelby Sang our ”Good Morning” song to welcome our friends for the day, Charlotte responded by singing along with Miss Shelby. Miss Shelby also did a song in Japanese saying ”Hello and Good Bye”, Ivy responded by waving hello and good bye. Miss Shelby also showed the children the carrots we will be using today for carrot painting and talking to them about what animals eat carrots- rabbits, guinea pigs and pigs.

Today Miss Shelby provided carrot painting using orange paint and a carrot to paint with, the children used the carrot to paint a picture of a carrot while standing up at the easel. This activity allows the children to use their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills while they hold onto the carrot to paint on the paper. Our friends Hendrix, Luca, Charlotte, Quinn and Ivy choose to do the painting, Luca was excited to do the painting as he came straight over to the easel and trued to put the art apron on by himself.

Miss Thais set up all the children to do a foam sticker collage where they stuck the different foam stickers onto the paper, Ivy and Hendrix did a great job at sticking the foam stickers onto the paper by themselves while Miss Thais helped the other stick them on the paper.

Our friends Charlotte, Ivy and Hendrix joined Mr Daniel outside for Arakan where they practiced their listening and floowing instruction skills by play a game of Simon says and practiced their punching skills by hitting the punching glove.

Children’s interest/ self choice

Dominic- the large dinosaur figurines

Ivy , Charlotte and Alanis – shared the sorting cups

Luca, Ivy, Dominic, Hendrix and Latika – pretending to water the vegetable garden toy

Quinn- dancing to music

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais