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Hello families and Friends!
Happy Thursday and welcome to Toddlers Two. 😊

Wow what a fabulous journey we`ve have had at Riversdale Early Leaning Centre this morning. Our learning and playful adventure started this morning with the children being welcomed outside into their playground as they were greeted by their educators and friends from Toddlers 1. The children shared smiles, cuddles, and toys they also enjoyed looking around the yard searching for their self-select toys and games, the favourited things this morning were riding bikes around the yard, taking turns down the slides and racing with other children. It was so much fun! Time was flying by as we realized it was time to start our morning routine.
In our group time today Miss Jess read a book called ‘’We are One’’ This book was about how we are all different, but we are one, we ALL share the same air, earth, sun, and moon and that we ALL come in different shape and sizes. The children were all intrigued by the illustrious of the animals and different people throughout. When we had finished the book, we sang the transition song to wash hands before morning tea.

Once they finished their yummy and nutritive morning tea Mr Dan from Arakan was waiting for us in a selected part in the playground to help us to stretch our bodies and get ready to show their quick reflex skills!!  In Arakan today they showed how fast they were at running, alternating between left and right hands and more.
Then we decided as we were all enjoying the spring vibes we stayed outside for a free play time, the children absolutely love to be able to spend more time in the yard playing freely around our amazing resources.
Also, in there, Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Gabi set up a sensory play station with a very nice purple playdough and natural elements as leaves, sand, sticks, seeds and much more. Happily, the children made their way to the tray engaging into the play, they enjoyed rolling, squeezing, and modelling the soft dough making birthday cakes, lollipops natural leaves shapes, and much more as their imaginations create. 😊

Now, the children are resting their little bodies and mind in bed listening to relaxing music and charging their energies for another BIG PLAY this afternoon.

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx