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Happy Thursday Everyone we hope your all having a wonderful week, today Miss Shelby welcome our friends Luca, Alanis, Dominic, Everly, Quinn, Alanis and Willow. Our friend Zahra also came for a play outside and joined us for morning tea this morning with her mum and baby sister Bella.

After a play outside we joined Miss Shelby for group time where Miss Shelby brought out her special puppets to share. As Quinn showed interest in seeing the horse in the yard next door Miss Shelby sang Old McDonald had a farm with the pig, sheep, cow, horse and duck finger puppets. To continue with the children’s interest of Animal animals last week Miss Shelby sang Kangaroo, Kangaroo what do yo see, Miss Shelby also sang a song about Chickens as we painted Chicken’s yesterday. The children sat beautifully to listen to the songs, they also had a turn at patting the different animal puppets and Luca and Quinn used their words to say Kookaburra after Miss Shelby.

The children have been demonstrating great hygiene practices with washing their hands before and after meal times, this also allows them to show self-help skills and independence.

Miss Shelby set up the Jenga wooden blocks for the children to build and create with ,Luca and Dominic were excited as they built with the Jenga blocks and used their words to express themselves with them both saying ” yay” and ”wow”  and Quinn said ”oh no” as she knocked down the blocks. Miss Steph sat down to build with the children added some of the wooden looking glass blocks to build with.

Today the children painted eggs with white paint using animal cutters to create our eggs turning into chickens wall, Quinn said Wow while doing her painting.


Mr Daniel joined us for Arakan where Dominic and Luca were the first to join him, Quinn and Willow were observant at first but then had a turn at practicing their strikes with hitting the gloves. They all did a great job at listening to Mr Daniel and following his directions.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph