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Hello Families and Friends, 😊

Is amazing to have almost all of your friends back in Kindy, the children are so HAPPY in the drop-off time and I am sure they all missed each other! 😊

What a wonderful morning we`ve had around here, our day has been filled up with lots of giggles, cuddles, and smiles. Our morning began with our friends been welcoming in the outside area for their educators and their friends from Toddlers 1.
Sharing smiles and little talking our friends were looking for their self-interest play and toys in the playground. The most popular activity is the balance bikes, the children really enjoying pushing the bikes around the yard and when they pass over they say “ BYE BYE” then laughing keep going all the way around. The sandpit is one of the favorite areas as well, they enjoyed shearing sand toys, making sand cakes, fill up the track with sand and then transport it. Was amazing seeing the beautiful interaction in between our friends, our relationship in Toddlers 2 has grown strong and positive. Our friends are feeling safe and happy! 😊

The time goes so fast when we are having so much fun in the yard, then was time to set up the toys and coming inside to start our morning routine.

This week we will focus on sharks extending the children’s interest in “baby shark song”. So, for our GROUP TIME today, Miss Gabi showed the kids some flashcards with sharks and then we did the “SHARK RESCUE” game – in a box with different types of animals, our friends should to put their hands inside and try to catch the shark. The children ABSOLUTELY loved the group time today was everybody so engaged traying guessing what animal they will take from the box.
Once the game had finished, we sang baby shark all together then the kid’s smoothie transition to hand washing and then morning teatime.

For morning time today, we had a yummy Homemade Beans on Sourdough Turkish served with seasonal fresh fruits.

With our tummies full was time for another BIG PLAY around here, then we decided to go enjoying the warm sun in the playground area for our group play. In our GROUP EXPERIENCE today our friends should following instructions about how to complete a circuit on the obstacle course and escape from the sharks and other sea animals. Miss Gabi had set up a “dangers” way when the kids should to crawling through a tunnel, going up and down the climbing frame, and then balance on top of the bridge to escape from the SHARKS and animals that was around. All obstacles must be overcome in an order. Our friends have done a beautiful job listening to the instructions and then taking turn in the obstacles course. Physical experience as this is helping our friends to develop memory by remembering the sequence and multiple gross motor skills and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!
Once our physical activity has finished our friends enjoyed playing with the sea animal in a little water play!

For lunchtime today we had a delicious and nutritive rainbow sushi bowl with a self-select salad bar. Our friends are encouraged to self-serve their plates at mealtime and they are DOING a FANTASTIC JOB!!!

Now we are in bed listening to soft music in bed and relaxing our body and mind for another big adventure in this afternoon.

PS: We are having some troubles with our internet connection, so OASIS most NOT be updating today. Any concerns please just ask one of the educators about your child’s routine.

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Jess.