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Hello all,

It looks like we are in for another day indoors. Not to worry we have a plan which we cannot wait to tell you about. Firstly we would just like to welcome our new friend Everlea and her family to the toddler two room and to the center. Today we have also be joined by Noah, Dominic, Lachlan, Luca, Chanel, Grace, Everly and Alanis.

Today on Noah’s agenda he was busy making acquaintances with Chanel over the common interest in the big cat. They both were happily giving it soft pats and lots of nice cuddles.

Colton from next door sparked up Everlea in a fun game making her really giggle and gave her a surprised look on her face.

Dominic Luca and Lachlan had a blast bringing the outdoors in riding on the emergency vehicle cars. Concentrating really hard not to hit anything or run in to anybody. They diverted around obstacles or created a clear path to make the road clear.


Alanis was a beacon to the building blocks. This is what she chose as her first preference to play with. She built with the jenga blocks creating towers way up high then watch as they came crashing down.

Everly was busy punching in her numbers on the calculator finding out how much her grocery shop was going to cost her after she filled up her basket with all her food.

Thank you for sharing this fabulous day with us today.

Miss Steph and Miss Otivia xx