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Hello and welcome to Terrific Tuesday.

Firstly I’d like to say Happy Birthday to Everly for yesterday she was a big 2…. she has bought in a special treat for us. Everly chose to bring in mini banana muffins to share with her class today.

Seeing as it is Valentines day very soon we have decided to make bouquets for the children’s special valentine. We made them starting with a ball of blue play dough. Each child was given a piece of the play dough to place the flowers that they had chosen into the base of the play dough to form a vase. I hope to see your enjoyment on your faces as your child gives you your bunch of flowers as their valentine surprise.

Then today we also did some meditation and yoga practice. Miss Steph taught by showing the children happy baby pose, boat pose, sound of om and down ward facing dog.


We have had such a busy day we have also done quite reading with miss jade and a famous puppet show with all the favorites like 3 little ducks and 5 fat sausages.


Then on the agenda we will get ready to go outside for an afternoon play while we wait for our secret valentines to come pick us up.

Love Miss Steph and Miss Jade xx