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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome our friends Dominic, Everly, Luca, Quinn, Parker, Alanis, Henry, Lachlan and Grace.

This morning while for his friends to arrive Dominic was interested in throwing the lights up balls so Miss Shelby extended on his interest by getting out a basket for him to throw the light up balls into. First miss Shelby showed Dominic what to do and he responded by having a go at placing the balls into the basket before also having a go at throwing the balls into the basket.

We started our day having a big play outside, the children were so excited as the water was ready today so we had heaps of fun having water play. Miss Shelby gave the children some buckets and cups to fill up with water which Quinn, Lachlan and Parker loved doing. Lots of climbing was happening with the children becoming confident in being able to climb up the ramp, the climbing net and also balancing on the bridge.

We joined Miss Shelby on the mat for group time where together we sang and did the actions to some of our favorite songs – row, row, row, your boat, open shut them, twinkle, twinkle, little star and wind your bobbins up.  Miss Shelby brought in a book to share with her friends so together we looked at the different animals in the story The lion sleeps tonight.

Today we continued with focusing on art  activities using nature materials, Miss Shelby brought in some nature items she collected from around her yard at home. The items were set up with some coloured paint for the children to do painting with. Quinn, Lachlan, Dominic, Alanis, Grace  and  Luca chose to do the painting today.This activity allowed the children to use their sensory skills as they got to feel the texture of the leaves, flowers and weeds in their hands as they painted on the paper, also developing their fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills. While doing her painting Quinn followed and extended on her own interest has she used her fingers to also paint with.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph