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Good afternoon families and friends!

We started our day Outdoor playing with our friends from Toddlers One. Miss Otavia and Steph danced some Nursery rhymes with our friends. Parker loved to dance while was holding Poppy’s hand. The children have been developing beautiful friendships over the past few weeks… Miss Thais set up some puzzles on the mat. Puzzle play was popular as the children worked side by side to help each other complete the food and animal puzzles.

When we transitioned indoors we sang our Good morning songs “Hello, how are you..” and washed our hands for morning tea. Miss Thais spent some quiet time on the mat sharing story books chosen by the children.

The activities inside chose by the children were construction with wooden blocks and magnetic pieces. Lachlan, Dominic, Alia and  had fun using the pieces as earrings.

During Lunch time the children enjoyed chicken soup and bread and Alanis enjoyed the company of her doll and took great care in feeding the doll too . The children are really enjoying the new Winter menu at kindy…

Love Miss Thais