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Our Terrific Tuesday

Hello and welcome to our day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre. The morning started off with the children eager to take foot around the playground in seek of where to play first! Macsen and Charlie enjoyed gliding through the breeze on the swing with Miss Jess. Jackson, Thomas, Kynell and Max used the shovels to collect sand on their shovel before they transported it to the bucket with Miss Gabi! As the children adventured around the playground, they saw ducks through the fence in the paddock! They were all so amazed! Beau and Adem quickly road their bikes over to see what their friends were looking at too! Cameron, Finely and Noah showed how fast they were as they were racing each other around the bike tracks on the balance bikes! Noa was practicing her catching skills as she threw the ball to Miss Jess ready to catch it again. Peyton was happily sitting with Miss Hope reading ‘’Spot Goes to The Farm’’.

All children came together on the veranda before we headed inside to start our morning routine. As they came inside to sit on the mat for group time, Miss Gabi was getting ready to read “The Three Little Pigs’’ It was amazing to see how they remembered most parts out of the story and pretended to ‘’blow the houses down’’. Miss Gabi then asked what songs they would like to sing, Noa said she wanted to sing ‘’Tiny Turtle’’ Noa sang to the class and teachers with such bravery and confidence! We all gave a BIG clap to Noa and sang our transition song to wash our hands morning tea which was a yummy Homemade Beans on Sourdough Turkish with medley seasonal fresh fruits.

This week is science week so after morning tea Miss Jess organised a colour mixing activity! Using red and blue to make purple and yellow and pink to make orange. Miss Jess explained to the children what colours make what before they were able to pour the paint onto the pasta to see if they can reach that result! They all thoroughly enjoyed this fun colour making experiment!

As they washed their hands, they were able to explore more of their beautiful outdoor environment before it was time to come inside for lunch. For Lunch today they had a delicious  Rainbow sushi Bowl. When their tummies were full, they packed away and headed to their beds for a reenergising rest for this afternoon’s adventure.

Thank you all for today,

See you all soon.

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Jess xx