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Today we welcome Lachlan, Alanis, Everlea, Luca, Noah, Grace, Dominic, Chanel and Parker. Lachlan B from toddlers two came for a play with us today and had so much fun.

At morning tea Miss Shelby sang a song about food we like and foods we don’t  like ”DO YOU LIKE BROCCOLI CREAM” Luca and Lachlan responded by saying ”yuck” when the song sang ”no i don’t, yucky”. We also sang and did the actions to clap, clap, clap your hands with many of the children clapping along to the song.

Today Miss Steph set up a beautiful learning area with pretend phones and key boards to extend on the children’s interest of pretending to talk on the phone. Noah was using his words as he said ” hello mummy” as he hold the phone up tom his hear.

Today Miss Shelby provided the children with a St Patrick’s day art activity, they painted shamrocks with green and glitter paint, while doing his painting Dominic was observed dabbing the paint up and down to create his shamrock painting. Parker said ” wow” as he was painting his shamrock ans Alanis asked to have a turn by saying ” my turn”.

Miss Steph made some green sensory play blocks which she added to a tray for the children to be able to explore and investigate using their hands.

Before lunch the children learnt a new song for St Patrick’s day ” I’m a little Leprechaun”, for lunch Dominic, Lachlan, Luca, Parker and Noah enjoyed the fish pie that they wanted more and it was lovely hearing them ask Miss Steph for more food.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph