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Hello Friends and Friends!
A warm welcome from toddlers Two classroom. 😊
Today we welcomed in our team: Avery, Jackson, Thomas, Cameron, Beau, Edward, Noah, Finley, Oliver, Kynell, Peyton, Macsen, Max and Noa.

Another wonderful and playful morning around here. Our day began with our friends enjoying the cosy sunshine in our beautiful outside environment – Looking for their friends and selecting they self interest toys and games the popular spots in the playground this morning were:

– Ridding bikes: Riding or pushing  bikes is always one of the favourite resources in the yard. Our friends enjoyed riding around the circuit and when pass by their educator and said “bye- bye” 😊

– Sandpit: Sharing toys in the sandpit, pretending they were cooking, and fill up trucks with sand, our friends had a great fun playing in the sand.

– Balloons – our friends little eyes was shining this morning when they saw the balloons set up in our classroom and for sure we let our friends play with it and they absolutely loved it. They enjoyed catch and throw, trying to balance it and pop it. Was so much fun!

– Hide and Sink- Our little friends loved hiding their self behind the trees in the yard part. 😊 and much more.

The time flies when we are having a such great fun with our friends. Then it was time to came inside for our story time, then our morning routine and morning tea.

For morning tea today we had a delicious meal compost of Blissful Blueberry, apple ginger seedy slice made with organic gluten free flour, organic chia seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, calcium fortified oat milk, and mountains of blueberries, stewed apples and grated ginger , yummy!  🙂

With our tummies full we decided to stay inside to explore a different scenario, inside the classroom the children enjoyed engage in construction toys, as soft blocks and connected magnetics, rule play in home corner, reading books in the group mat and much.

In our group experience today Miss Hope have been working in a art project with the kids. Using recycle egg carton the children are making craft moon continuing to focus on space experience for this week.

Tomorrow we will celebrate a National Simultaneous Storytime – this year`s book is “Give me some space” beautiful picture book is read simultaneously across childcare. And also tomorrow we will wear orange or bright tradie fluor to show our appreciation for our SES volunteers and raise money to donate to the SES.

For lunch time today we had another incredible meal a scrumptious Greek Spanakopita Parcels – Traditionally cooked Greek spinach with a twist, filled with vegan fetta cheese, organic fresh vegetables into a crispy pastry and served with homemade tzatziki dipping sauce. Our friends absolutely smashed the dish we just could they asking for more and more.

Was a fabulous morning around here today. Now our little friends are in bed listening to a relaxing music and resting for another afternoon full of adventures.

Check out the photos

With love

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope