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Hello families and friends!

Today we enjoyed a musical group time outside with Miss Thais, Miss Gabi and Miss Otavia. Our friends had so much fun dancing along the yard this morning…The Toddler friends also enjoyed turns on the swing and sensory play in the wet sand.

We then transitioned indoors for our Good Morning songs and morning tea. We enjoyed spontaneous activities, chosen by the children and also the train set because we have been learning about transports this week…

Today Lachlan is turning two… Happy birthday Lachlan!!! We decided to make his cupcakes to celebrate his birthday! Miss Thais gave the toddlers a cake mix to make. Making cake is a great activity to teach children how to mix, blend and bake. It is a great chance for the children to build upon their self-help skills and independence. The children were able to use fine motor skills while mixing the cake ingredients together using the utensils. Miss Thais prepared all the materials needed for the cooking activity such as mixing bowl, cupcake tray, patty pan, big spoon. They all poured the cake mixture into the mixing bowl, and the children began to stir it all together. Each of the children had a turn of mixing on their own blending the ingredients to make the cake batter. Lachlan and Dominic slowly mixed the cake, Alia and Parker needed some help with how to mix it. The children looked as though they were having fun doing the activity as they were laughing with each other.
Lachlan said “me”, Dominic said” my turn”.
After everyone had their turn mixing the cake Miss Thais poured it into the cupcake tray using a big spoon to make 10 cupcakes. We then gave it to Miss Thais to put in the oven to bake. During the afternoon we are going to put a little bit of icing on top. The children were all very excited to see what they had created and ready to eat it for our afternoon tea.
This activity was a fun and educational activity for all of the children.

EYLF 1.1.2: This activity helps to develop Literacy and numeracy, confidence, independence and fine motor skills.

Love Miss Thais